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ALEK FIN is the moniker of the Los Angeles, CA based electronic musician and producer Adam Finkel. He has been releasing remixes and tracks since 2010 when he was named winner of the Philip Selway of Radiohead’s “Beyond Reason” Remix Contest. After the release of his debut single “Waiting Like A Wolf” premiered via Jay Z’s Life + Times in late 2012, the project went onto to see radio play on BBCR1, KEXP, KCRW and would follow with the debut of his Mull EP on December, 1 on Pigeons and Planes.

Since the release of “Mull” in 2012, he has been featured on several collaborations with producer Robot Koch under Berlin label Project Mooncircle and released a series of remixes for LA label Roll Call Records.

In 2015 he looks forward to releasing his sophomore EP and premiering a live show that has been years in development.

Releases & Remixes


  • In only four songs, all under six minutes, the EP swells, sinks, floats, and erupts with a finely-tuned consciousness

    Pigeons and Planes
  • An exquisite four-track collection that you can really ease into, and one that paints a lovely and soft-colored sonic landscape

    The Music Ninja
  • It is the perfect listen for putting on your headphones and traveling to another place in your mind

    My Old Kentucky Blog
  • Mull is a perfect marriage of futurism and grounded traditionalism and is well worth getting excited over

  • A haunting voyage through a surreal, ethereal landscape, one that feels simply spellbinding

    Mixtape Muse
  • You should listen to this EP, and then again, until you feel like your life is a melancholic slow motion film short

    The Real Horrorshow
  • A stunning collection of electronica on the edge of the leftfield, studded with the subtlest of hooks and melodies

    Not Many Experts
  • An ethereal journey through stunningly developed soundscapes, captivating and beautiful in its ultimate simplicity

    Music Broke My Bones
  • A really quite stunning four track EP that captivates your mind, demonstrates real artistry and innovates a sound sometimes tired out over the years

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